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There is good in everyone

Part of our mission is to promote the idea of the prestige and status of charity and non-profit organizations in society.
We are happy that we are surrounded by such talented people who are ready to help children in difficult life situations.
Thank you for being with us!

Special thanks to articles in Bright magazine, Kingsley Education Center, participation of volunteers from the BKC, Hostiso hosting for helping us with our edu-platform. For sharing our mission and values by outstanding people.
If you share our values and want to help children with psychological difficulties, write to [email protected] and we will contact you.
Universities we work with

Our foundation is supported by students of the psychology departments of Moscow State University. Lomonosov Moscow State University of Psychology and and the First Medical University named after Sechenov.

About me
Bogdan Mihailov

President of Kids Without Fear Nonprofit, author of a blog about anxiety disorders and PA treatment. NLP practitioner. Lecturer at Moscow State University Lomonosov Psychology.

I help children and their parents with psychosomatic reactions of fear and panic attacks. From the age of 12, myself went through this difficult path with fear and anxiety myself and I know how challenging this path may be.
I specialize in the treatment of chronic depressive disorders, panic attacks, relieving psychosomatic symptoms.
Co-Author of Effective Systemic Progressive Psychotherapy - Treating Panic Attacks Without Drugs.
The author of the - ART-d-THERAPY [therapy for relieving anxiety through drawing]

I achieve results with clients quickly and conduct courses online and offline so that people can help their children not to make mistakes with "classical" psychologists, I conduct educational and charitable activities, speaking at conferences of Synergy and Psychotherapist St. Petersburg.

Contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.

[email protected] FB Skype WhatsApp +79685979112

Our Online Champion
Svetlana Kuzmina

Psychiatrist-psychotherapist. PhD.

"Our thoughts are the foundation of our mental health and happiness."

She is engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of affective disorders (depressive, manic states), psychosomatic disorders, post-traumatic stress syndrome, neurotic disorders (anxiety-phobic, obsessive-compulsive), personality disorders.

Helps with online chat and website consultations.

Our volunteer administrators
Friends, without you, this fund would not exist
Volunteers Thank you for being so different, and for becoming more of you every year!

Our specialist volunteers

An expert working with children. 7 years experience.
Conducts the program "Psychological Relief", "Breathing Technique", "Hero's Behavior Model"
With us since 2019.
Oxford graduate. Historian.
With us since 2018.
The program is designed for the creative development of children. At the end of the program, all children make and present their creative project, which demonstrates the skills acquired by them during their work.
#teamwork #everyoneincluded #investigations #creativethinking

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If you want to join the team of project volunteers - please sign up for any of our open events and come to get acquainted.

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