Nonprofit Charity Fund "Kids Without Fear"
The main goal of our fund is to help children and their parents with racism induced anxiety and other psychological problems. Develop socialization skills and help them become happy.
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Мероприятия проходит бесплатно и на благотворительных началах, регистрация желательна, чтобы всем хватило места.
Due to the current situation with the covid virus, all events are in online format. We are part of first-responders group, education about safety and precautions needed to stay healthy.
We will send you a link to Zoom before we start.
Activities 2.0 2021
All activities are carried out as part of charitable activities for volunteers and parents. Dear parents, we will inform you by email.
We are grateful
For mention in advertising, assistance with the site, providing hosting, provision of rooms, assistance in working with children and volunteers.
How we use technologies to help kids alleviate anxiety

Spending time in nature is critical to mental and physical wellbeing.

We meditate with kids using Portal app.
We collaborate in git books for educational materials for parents and kids. (ex. Step-by-step tutorial on breathing)
We use to allow kids to deploy their own real-world online application. How can you worry, when APP IS ONLINE?)

Thanks to for allowing us to use their courses and technology with kids in classrooms. Coding classes never were so much fun!

We play Elevate with kids on interactive screen, it helps us develop confidence in skills like math, reading, writing, speaking, and recall.

We love Seatables as interactive smart spreadsheets on steroids).

Moving our people management here.

We provide free psychological help to any family in need. Please read our mission to find out about what we do and how we can help your children.
Application form is there as well.