Our non-profit mission
"Children Without Fear transforms young lives, battling the unseen scars of racism and intolerance by fostering strength, joy, and friendship."
The goals of the charity fund "Children Without Fear" are: Improve the quality of life of children, change their outlook on life and help them cope with the reactions of fear, anxiety, and depression caused by racism and intolerance in schools.
Many diseases are not visible at first sight, but they can sometimes negatively affect the lives of children much more than physical ailments. Working with psychologists and specialists in adapting children, we help children develop a healthy and happy outlook on life, organize field events and workshops where everyone can feel needed and find friends.
Domestic violence anti-abuse program is developed in 2021.
Being a non-profit organization, all the funds raised are spent on targeted programs according to our mission.
Special help for kids with disabilities
We organize groups of volunteers for educational events.
Change the outlook on life
Working with volunteer psychologists, we help children change the perception of the world for a better mood.
Indifferent people to help troubled kids and parents
The main issues that we address on seminars:
  • Common mistakes of upbringing?
  • What can you never tell around your child?
  • How to develop a curious child without fears and anxiety?
  • How to prevent panic attacks from developing in a child?
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